Try to understand your child’s nature

What is difficult to stay away from

A group of people exists in the modern world, who do not want their
children are affected by the environment in which they survive,
For this aim, they shift their family from village to city.
Exactly their children get a good education, a modern way of speaking,
and have high thoughts but attraction remains constant.
They get ready for anything to do for traveling to the village.

As you know, at this point they consider
1. Their friend’s image
2. Time would be passed with them
3. Every game that they would be going to play
4. Moisture of the village
5. Will to show how powerful they are.
And much more…

For parents & Guardians

As a parent, it is an essential step to take their children to the village once in
six months if they wish.
Because when you fulfill their willingness they will be more respectful,
obedient and sincere with you

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